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Many years before he rocketed into history in November 1969 as the third man to walk on the moon, Pete Conrad’s “Moonshot” was launched by the generosity of an educator that inspired and propelled Pete to become an innovator and entrepreneur. Pete dreamed of the time when space travel would be available to everyone--a time when, for example, we could travel in Low Earth Orbit from California to Italy in 45 minutes. The result of his work in developing the commercialization of space will forever impact the future.

One person’s generous support can change the lives of many,  solve world problems and benefit humanity. You can be that person. 
The Conrad Foundation, through the generous support of our corporate sponsors and individual donors, continues this “pay it forward” legacy. 

Our unique programs enable high school students to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to meet the challenges facing our planet. All at no cost to students or educators.

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The water purification system is very important to the community
— AbdulmuminiAbubakar-Director, Yola Nigeria Health Clinic (LitreS purification system, designed by 2011-2012 SOIC winning team-Operational Gulliver International, provides clean, bacteria-free drinking water to a clinic servicing 500,000 villagers.)
This Foundation, this experience has impacted my life. Helped me grow as a student & an innovator … taught me about coming together with other people to create solutions just to make the world better. It’s taught me a lot about how I want to direct and live my life.
— Madison Jones - Team Infinity, 2011 -2012 SOIC Alumna