2015 Special Edition Category: Giant Leap to Mars 

This special edition 2015 category is a supplement to the four main categories and invites teams to tailor their 2015 Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-technology & Security, Energy & Environment or Health & Nutrition category project ideas to explain how their project would benefit a successful mission to Mars.

Giant Leap to Mars

Some examples of project ideas that could segue from one of the main categories to the add-on Giant Leap to Mars category include the following technology and human factors:

  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Long-term environmental factors and countermeasures
  • Sunspots and cosmic ray detection, effects and countermeasures
  • Telemedicine and medical care
  • Hygiene and privacy
  • Sociological and behavioral changes
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Renewable energy
  • Food and land management
  • Emergency aid and response
  • Cyber security
  • Life Support Systems such as water and waste management
  • Sleeping facilities
  • Hygiene facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Micrometeorites and space object detection, mitigation and protection
  • Planetary Mission Flight and Ground Communications Systems
  • Planetary Mission Guidance and Navigation Hardware
  • Solar and cosmic radiation


NASA and the Conrad Challenge will provide participants with access to resources and mentors specific to this category. Teams will be required to submit the same competition elements (Investor Pitch, Marketing Video, Development Plan and Prototype) as the four main categories tailored to how their product benefits a Mars mission. 

Awards for the winning Giant Leap to Mars team may include special NASA center VIP tours and NASA staff shadowing opportunities.