2015 Innovation Summit

The Innovation Summit is the launch pad for breakthrough technologies from the Finalist Teams of the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

You will experience a competitive, yet intimate, environment where leading entrepreneurs, government officials, and scientists will join you in a collaborative, social forum to learn from each other and help guide the development of your 21st century technologies.

Each finalist team will present their product to the judges. In addition to your presentation, you will have opportunities to join innovative discussions about cutting edge topics in science and entrepreneurship. 

The key to the Innovation Summit is to know that YOU are the stars. The great innovators attending are coming to connect with you. Make it what you want the Summit to be. Don't be afraid to ask someone to discuss whatever topics may be on your mind.

If you're wondering what you can do to prepare for the Summit, our biggest piece of advice is to be open. Be ready to talk with your fellow finalists and the scientists and entrepreneurs in attendance. Collaboration drives today's knowledge-based economy. At the Summit you'll find friends of all ages who will help you become the next great innovators.