All judge positions for the 17-18 Challenge have been filled.

Thank you to all who participated!

We will begin recruiting judges for the 18-19 Challenge later this fall. If you have any questions, please email


About Our Judges

The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, through the support of our sponsoring partners, recruits judges from among the best in business, industry, research and academia worldwide. During the Semi-Final round, each project is reviewed by a minimum of three judges with expertise in the Conrad Challenge category as well as on-site judging at the Innovation Summit. The Conrad Challenge team provides training and documentation to assist with the judging process. 

Why Be A Judge?

  • Provide participating students with your specialized industry knowledge and experience
  • Help students improve their products and services through scoring and comments
  • Participate in selecting the Pete Conrad Scholars
  • Inspire students to pursue STEM careers
  • Encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to design their future and benefit the world with their innovative solutions 

A Judge’s Responsibility

  • Commit to judging the minimum projects in your challenge category of expertise
  • Provide thoughtful, constructive and age-appropriate feedback for each submitted project
  • Complete submission review and comments prior to the judging deadline
  • Agree to confidentiality terms that protect the intellectual property of our students

Time Commitment

Semi-Final judges will be provided multiple student team projects to review beginning January 20. All judges must submit feedback to the Conrad Challenge team by February 8. All review and scoring will be completed online. Judge selection and specific instructions will be sent to each judge individually prior to the review period.

Semi-Final judges are invited to participate in the final round of competition at the Innovation Summit (April 26-28, 2018) at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Judges must attend in person to participate in this round of the competition as the top 5 teams in each category will present their presentations in-person at the Summit.