About Our Subject Matter Experts 

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) program is a core element of the 2017-2018 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge. Through our Conrad Design Method platform, our SME volunteers impart their industry and academia expertise by guiding student teams throughout the Semi-Final and Final rounds. This program is a tremendous benefit to students as it allows them to gain relevant information about a variety of industries, provide professional development and guidance on project development.


Why Be A Subject Matter expert?

  • Help students gain a real-world context to the STEM principles learned in the classroom by sharing the lessons learned in your career
  • Be a part of preparing the next generation workforce
  • Rediscover the excitement of exploring new ideas and challenges
  • Gain insight to how young people want to change and improve the world


Subject Matter Expert Responsibilities

  • The Conrad Challenge team will match student teams with a dedicated Subject Matter Expert(s) based on the team’s category and needs. Subject Matter Experts may be invited to engage in the Conrad Design Method to benefit numerous teams.
  • General Subject Matter Experts will not be assigned specific teams, but provide an overview to all. 
  • Semi-finalist Subject Matter Experts will guide team(s) during the development of a fullproposal (business plan, technical plan and graphic representation) and pro-type.
  • Finalist Subject Matter Experts are responsible for assisting teams during the revision of their semi-final round submission documents, communicating feedback, and providing guidance on creating a marketing and technical presentation for the Innovation Summit.

Time Commitment

General Subject Matter Experts will be a sounding board to multiple teams through the Conrad Design Method platform. Time commitments will vary based on tailored assignments with the Conrad Foundation's Director of Education. 

Subject Matter Experts, on average, will spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per week guiding and preparing a Semi-finalist or Finalist teams. Some weeks will require more or less time depending on what you have arranged with teams regarding their projects. 



If you are interested in serving as a Subject Matter Expert for the 2017-2018 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, please fill out the form below. If you have any additional questions or concerns please email info@conradawards.org.


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