Media Partner Content Roundup

The Conrad Challenge has partnered with media outlets covering the latest news and thought leadership in global education to share content that will inform educators on best practices for teaching and learning in order to help equip students with 21st century skills needed to succeed. Education leaders can keep up-to-date by checking out the latest podcasts, research, and thought leadership pieces.

September 2019

Better Leaders, Better Schools

Kristie Letter: Embracing Failure via the Conrad Challenge

Host Daniel Bauer speaks with Kristie Letter, English teacher and Conrad Challenge award-winning teacher, to learn how her shift in mindset to embrace failure led to more innovative teaching strategies, like the “failure resume,” which proved a powerful learning experience for students. 

Creativity and Doing School Differently

Dr. Elizabeth Micci joins the show to share how she is creating authentic and fun learning experiences for her students, as well as her perspective on the importance and practice of self-reflection in school.

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A School Replaced Detention with Meditation. The Results are Stunning.

Discover how a school is reimagining behavior management by building a Mindful Moment Room to serve as a space for students to practice techniques, like mediation and breathing, to re-center and get back to learning.

Gaming Proves Effective for Teaching Morals at UAE School

A recent study showcases how interactive online games are proving to be effective methods for teaching moral education—including topics like decision making, global communications, and more—in school.

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EdChat Interactive

Unleashing Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Claude Charron, the Conrad Foundation’s Director of Education and Professional Development, will present a webinar on October 2nd to talk about the Conrad Design Method and its benefits to students, teachers, STEM coaches, and subject matter experts. Register for the webinar at

Education Practices for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Join Sylvia Martinez on October 22nd to learn about the emerging trends and transformative technologies that show promise across K-12 education, how to best prepare students for an uncertain future workforce, and more. Get a sneak peek at Martinez’s FETC 2020 presentations during the webinar. Registration is open at

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EduTech Guys

S5E5 - Naomi Harm

This episode is a throwback to Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), where the guys sat down with Naomi Harm to talk about best practices to help educators empower girls to be active in their learning, especially in STEM and STEAM subjects.

S5E1 - Scott Anderson - Advisor for CrashCourse by TeachAids

Scott Anderson shares his work with TeachAids, a nonprofit that is leveraging technology to reimagine how health education is shared. In the conversation, Scott talks about CrashCourse, an initiative to improve the knowledge on prevention and treatment of concussions for today’s youth.

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EdTechReview India

Using Video to Connect Across Borders, School in Rural India Uses Video Observation for Teachers

In this interview, rural school principal Rajeshree Shihag shares how her teachers are using video tools to record their lectures, which is resulting in more self-reflection and positive changes to improve their teaching practices.

[Interview] Indians Read, Write & Do Exams In English, But They Don’t Speak Well – Meet The Man Who Is Trying To Change That

In this Q&A, Arshan Vakil shares what led him to create Enguru, an English learning app. In his interview, Vakil discusses how the app helps young Indian people improve their English, a language that has deep ties to the knowledge economy in India, to enter and succeed in the workforce.


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The Life of an Aerospace and Aviation Innovator

International business and space policy consultant and Conrad Challenge alumnus Antonio Stark joins Dr. Rod Berger to reflect on his experience as an emerging student entrepreneur and how the Conrad Challenge competition was pivotal in creating a sense of self-confidence that led to success later in life and in business.

How AI, AR and VR Fit into Today’s Classrooms

In this interview, Rachelle Dene Poth, a teacher, author, and upcoming FETC presenter, discusses the difference between artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and how transformative technologies like these will continue to impact teaching and learning in the near future.

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the ed tech roundup

Secondary Lesson Plans for Technology Integration

Incorporate technology: integrate learning with these 21 lesson plans that span across a variety of subjects and skill sets—including digital citizenship, literacy, and communications—and leverage numerous different edtech tools, including Mozilla, Excel, Prezi, and more.


Extempore: Digital Language Lab and Speaking Practice App

Check out this in-depth review and demonstration of Extempore, an app that aims to help teachers create and assess online speaking assignments for their students.

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STEM Magazine

How Students Combine Entrepreneurship and STEM to Solve Global Challenges

Check out 2018-19 Conrad Challenge coach Ryan Johnson’s article to learn how he challenged his students to develop 21st century skills when participating in the competition, and what he thought was the most inspiring moment for his students.

STEM Magazine - September 2019

The September 2019 issue of STEM Magazine features articles on soft materials, student entrepreneurship, organizations’ focus on STEAM learning, and more.

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Transformative Principal

The Conrad Challenge Changed My Life with Akhil Jariwala

Podcast host Jethro Jones is joined by Akhil Jariwala, a business development manager in San Francisco and Conrad Challenge alumnus. Learn more about Akhil’s success after the Challenge and why credits this experience as “[challenging me] to be a changemaker!”

Choosing College with Michael Horn

Michael Horn, co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, joins the show to talk about his new book Choosing College and shares an overview of the challenges he thinks are posing the biggest threat to higher education, including high debt and low graduation rates.

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Building Long Lasting Professional And Personal Relationships With Your Teachers

In this episode of Ask The Tech Coach, podcast host Jeff Bradbury talks about the importance of building relationships on campus, and the role of tech coaches in helping teachers create a vision of what digital learning could look like in their classrooms.

3 Ways To Build Your Tech Coach Brand Inside Of Your School Community

In the final episode of the Ask The Tech Coach series on building relationships, discover three ways to meaningful impact digital learning initiatives on campus, including best practices for working with students, teachers, and communities.

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