Media Partner Content Roundup

The Conrad Challenge has partnered with media outlets covering the latest news and thought leadership in global education to share content that will inform educators on best practices for teaching and learning in order to help equip students with 21st century skills needed to succeed. Education leaders can keep up-to-date by checking out the latest podcasts, research, and thought leadership pieces.

April 2019

Better Leaders, Better Schools

Don’t Worry About Test Scores. Worry About Kids.

Host Daniel Bauer is joined by Tara Brown, The Connection Coach, to discuss the importance of building positive connections across an entire school’s ecosystem, including staff, leaders, students, and parents.

How Can I Make Someone Else’s Day Great Today

In this episode with Barry Saide, Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Tabernacle School District, in Tabernacle, New Jersey, hear a discussion about: 1) The importance of the people you surround yourself with, 2) How Barry uses the obstacle of time to his benefit, and 3) Engaging in the moment you’re in right now.

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MBRSC invites schools to be part of first Arab Emirati astronaut mission to ISS

To support its efforts to empower and encourage youth to take an interest in space science, a Dubai-based Space Center is inviting schools to participate in a ‘Science in Space’ competition for the chance to have their work be part of a mission to the International Space Station.

Fight plagiarism by promoting a culture of honesty, creativity  

Discover how one teacher is designing his classroom projects to rely on original expression, coupled with promoting a positive campus culture, as a method for discouraging plagiarism.

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EdChat Interactive

Edchat Interactive PD Session Archives

Couldn’t make it to the live presentation? Check out a variety of professional development sessions for lessons learned and new discoveries. Recent webinars cover artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and international edtech tools.

How to Host an Edchat Interactive

Are you a thought leader who wants to engage with over 150 educators in meaningful conversations? Join Edchat Interactive as the host of your own webinar! Contact the team at to learn more.

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EduTech Guys

S4E37 - Brian Collins from the Brainstorm Institute

The guys are joined by former Walt Disney World Imagineer and educator Brian Collins to discuss current and future trends of education technology. Plus Brian shares his top three emerging innovations predictions: augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

EduTech Guys - Conference Coverage

Join the guys as they hit the road to travel to education conferences all over the U.S. Check out conversations with school leaders, edtech developers, and more from FETC 2019 and the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) conference.

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EdTechReview India

Changing Role of the Teacher

Educator and edtech leader Ritu Sehji discusses the evolving role of teachers and shares what she is most excited about for the future of learning and technology.

A Curriculum for Changemakers: Making Students In Charge of Their Own Learning

Discover how one school’s move to a “changemaker curriculum” incorporates real world learning experiences into their classrooms through a variety of teacher-led modules and student-led projects.


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Why We Need Authentic Learning More Than Ever Right Now

Educators are moving away from the traditional style of teaching and learning to teach strategies that lend themselves to authentic experiences, including project-based learning, problem-based learning, and case-based learning.

A Curiosity for AI and Education

Tune in as Dr. Rod Berger chats with Yao Zhang, CEO of RoboTerra, to talk about artificial intelligence, robotics, and why she believes education is positioned to take thoughtful advantage of these revolutionary technologies.

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STEM Magazine

STEM Magazine - March 2019

The March 2019 issue, titled “The Heart of STEM,” features interviews with top cardiologists, provides an in depth understanding of the heart and its functions, and a variety of medical investigations into associated health conditions.

STEM Magazine - Issues

Check out our four issues, including STEM Magazine, STEM for Women Magazine, STEM Magazine Canada, and STEAM Magazine, for all things science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Transformative Principal

Including Everyone in Leadership with Larry Villiard

Larry Villiard, a Wisconsin-based principal, joins the show to discuss the idea of “shared leadership” and shares how he encourages his full representation throughout the school’s entire staff to be involved.

Stop the Busyness with Byron Darnall

Podcast host Jethro Jones is joined by Bryone Darnall, who shares how his understanding that long term sustainable change is a slow process and how helping his team overcome the idea of “being too busy” is one obstacle to overcome static.

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Are You An Edupreneur?

Wondering if you are an Eduprenuer? Tune in as Dr. Will Deyamport joins the show to share insights into his recent documentary, “The Edupreneur,” and shares traits for successfully creating a marketable brand for yourself.

Should We Be Thinking About How We Speak To Our Students … And Each Other?

Schools have drastically changed over the past few generations, and not only has the content shifted as we continue to make new discoveries, but the way in which the content is shared has changed. Tune in to learn more about the importance of the language a teacher uses in the classroom.

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