Media Partner Content Roundup

The Conrad Challenge has partnered with media outlets covering the latest news and thought leadership in global education to share content that will inform educators on best practices for teaching and learning in order to help equip students with 21st century skills needed to succeed. Education leaders can keep up-to-date by checking out the latest podcasts, research, and thought leadership pieces.

June 2019

Better Leaders, Better Schools

The Scientific Secrets of Timing

Host Daniel Bauer is joined by New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink to discuss Pink’s new book, When: The Secrets of Perfect Timing.

Supporting the Needs of All Students

In this episode with Franklin Day, associate director of special education for Spokane Public Schools, discussion focuses on how to support the needs of all students. Listeners will have the opportunity to “level up” their special education knowledge.

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This School Replaced Tuition with Plastic Waste and the Town Was Transformed

As a way to make school more accessible and help clean up their local community, the Akshar School in the northeast Indian state of Assam began to accept plastic bags full of waste instead of school fees. Read how this has transformed education and the community.

Things start looking up for Pakistani schools in UAE

Pakistani schools in the UAE are looking for ways to improve, including an increased focus on teacher training and on raising teachers’ salaries to enhance performance.

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EdChat Interactive

World-Building and Role Playing in the Classroom

This Edchat Interactive discussion, presented by English-Creative Writing professor Trent Hergenrader, focuses on the practice of world-building and role-playing as a way for educators to blend critical thinking with creative production in their classrooms.

How to Host an Edchat Interactive

Are you a thought leader who wants to engage with over 150 educators in meaningful conversations? Join Edchat Interactive as the host of your own webinar! Contact the team at to learn more.

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EduTech Guys

S4E45 - Jessica Lindl of Unity Learn

The guys are joined by Jessica Lindl, the Global Head of Education for Unity, to discuss her work preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow in the field of interactive design and development.

S4E43 - Rae Hughart

The guys interview their good friend and super educator Rae Hughart (@raehughart), the upcoming featured speaker at the 2019 Hot Springs Technology Institute and Director of Training and Development for

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EdTechReview India

Teachers Without Borders - Borderless Education

In the era of globalization, interactions and learning between students of different countries have become a necessity for classrooms. In this interview, Koen Timmers, the founder of a global climate action and innovation lab, talks about his initiatives and changing global education.

Modifying Pedagogical Practices - Learning by Doing

UNOi, based in Mexico, wants to raise the quality of education in Latin America. In 2010, Grupo Santillana had a “dream” to create a 21st century learning model that could create positive change. Karime Pulido Ramzahuer, Director of Pedagogical Development at UNOi, says the goal was to develop a learning model which allowed schools to create “meaningful and purposeful environments” that were fully focused on student needs. Learn more in this interview.


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A Rule Breaker Who Wants to Hack Assessment

In this interview, author and educator Starr Sackstein discusses how student ownership has a way of being buoyed by teachers giving feedback that allows for better individual assessment. Learn her thoughts on changing assessment and homework.

Five Tips to Deliver PD that Supports Reading Instruction

In this article, child psychologist and literacy expert Dr. Michael Hart shares five strategies to deliver PD, especially to help dyslexic students with their reading. Learn his advice to provide continuous training and support real change.

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STEM Magazine

STEM Magazine - June 2019

The June 2019 issue featured articles on 3D printed fashion, a tipping point in the high school-to-college transition, teaching as a STEM career, and more.

STEM Magazine - Issues

Check out our four issues, including STEM Magazine, STEM for Women Magazine, STEM Magazine Canada, and STEAM Magazine, for all things science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Transformative Principal

Making Learning Joyful with Mia Pumo

Host Jethro Jones is joined by Mia Pumo, a former teacher and math specialist who founded Constructive Learning Design. She discusses how to support both teachers and learners by making learning joyful.

Education is the Antidote with Ted Dintersmith

After a career in innovation, Ted Dintersmith is most well-known to educators as the executive producer of the movie, Most Likely to Succeed and co-author of the book of the same name. In this interview, he explains why education is the only antidote to many of the challenges in our world.

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ISTE 2019 Wrap Up and Review

In this episode, the hosts take a look back at the 2019 ISTE conference in Philadephia and share insights from both educators and edtech companies about what they see as the state of today's digital classrooms and what we can look forward to next year at ISTE 2020.

Helping Teachers Bring Podcasting to the Classroom

TeacherCast has launched, the new home for classroom podcasting content, both written and visual that focuses on how teachers can turn the classroom into a global publishing studio.

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