Media Partner Content Roundup

The Conrad Challenge has partnered with media outlets covering the latest news and thought leadership in global education to share content that will inform educators on best practices for teaching and learning in order to help equip students with 21st century skills needed to succeed. Education leaders can keep up-to-date by checking out the latest podcasts, research, and thought leadership pieces.

January 2019

Better Leaders, Better Schools

Nathan Boyd: Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent Fails To Work Hard

Nathan Boyd joins the show to talk about the importance of developing students’ social capital, share his experiences using restorative practices in school, and how staff buy-in is one of the first steps to any successful change.  

Nancy Alvarez: STEAM Labs and Maker Spaces in Early Childhood Education

Daniel Bauer kicks off this podcast with updates about the Conrad Challenge, and then chats with Nancy Alvarez to discuss the importance of incorporating more STEAM learning into early childhood education, especially for underrepresented student populations.

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100 Books Every Teacher Should Read in 2019

Is reading more on your list of 2019 resolutions? Edarabia recommends these 100 books for teachers.

50 Must-Watch TED Talks for Teachers (Get Inspired)

Many times, inspiration is the first spark for any great idea. Help ignite your students’ most innovative thoughts and keep them motivated to learn new things by sharing these short videos with insights from industry leaders.

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EdChat Interactive

A Brief History of the Future of Education

In this recent webinar, Ryan Schaaf travels into the future to look back on the factors that changed education to support individuals and society. Want to know how to prepare yourself and your students for the future? This session is both a peek into Ryan's new book and also his three presentations at FETC. View it in the Edchat Interactive archives.

How to Host an Edchat Interactive?

Are you a thought leader who wants to engage with over 150 educators in meaningful conversations? Join EdChat Interactive as the host of your own series! Contact the team at to learn more.

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EduTech Guys

S4E30 - Joe & Kristin Merrill

The EduTech Guys sit down with two elementary school teachers to talk about what technology platforms they are using in the classroom and how a mindset of “failing forward” creates room to grow and learn new things.

S4E31 - The Guys Talk Conferences

On this episode, the guys talk about education conferences. What to do when you’re there? If you can’t make it, how can you still gain benefits?

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EdTechReview India

If We’re Raising the Innovators of Tomorrow, Why Are Today’s Classrooms So Antiquated?

Discover why one school leader believes that technology will never fully replace teacher-centered practices and how he tries to strike a balance between humans and tech in the classroom.

List of Must Read Books For EdTech Enthusiasts

Wondering how to start your reading list this year? Check out these seven must-read books that cover the evolution of edtech, where we are today, and what the future might hold.


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FETC Announces Nine Finalist Schools for the 2019 STEM Excellence Awards Sponsored by State Farm

The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) will award a school for their innovative STEM learning programs at the 2019 Conference, held in Orlando, FL. Check out the finalist and learn more about their programs.

Coach's Corner: The Power of Positive Connections

In her debut video column, Tara Brown - also known as The Connection’s Coach - discusses the power of positive connections between school leaders and students, and encourages a whole school approach to developing a positive learning environment.

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STEM Magazine

STEM Magazine - Issues

Check out our four issues, including STEM Magazine, STEM for Women Magazine, STEM Magazine Canada, and STEAM Magazine, for all things science, technology, engineering, and math.

STEM Magazine - September 2018

This recent issue looks at diversity in chemistry, takes on the “multitasking myth,” features an article written by our own Nancy Conrad, and more.

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Transformative Principal

Modern Learners with Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon Transformative Principal 257

Podcast host Jethro kicks off this episode with an update about the Conrad Challenge and then sits down with school leaders Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon to discuss challenging the traditional learning model and the future of education.

Gotta Serve Them One at a Time with Jeff Kubiak Transformative Principal 261

California-based principal Jeff Kubiak joins the show to discuss how his school is using technology as a supportive tool to help teachers measure academic growth, facilitate more small group instruction, and deliver individual interventions throughout the school day.

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How Can Podcasting Help us Create Meaningful Conversations With Our Students?

Jeff Bradbury is joined by Gabriel Garillo, Educational Technology Specialist, gives an update about his upcoming FETC presentations, discusses why he thinks podcasts have a place in the classroom, and how he is tying in cooking recipes into his own podcast series.  

How Do You Change the Culture and Climate in your School District?

In this episode of Ask the Tech Coach, the two hosts discuss the importance of a classroom learning environment and how school leaders should be intentional in their efforts to develop a positive culture on campus.

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