Media Partner Content Roundup

The Conrad Challenge has partnered with media outlets covering the latest news and thought leadership in global education to share content that will inform educators on best practices for teaching and learning in order to help equip students with 21st century skills needed to succeed. Education leaders can keep up-to-date by checking out the latest podcasts, research, and thought leadership pieces.

November 2018

Better Leaders, Better Schools

Nancy Conrad: Inspiring Student-Centered Real-World Innovation

In this interview, Nancy Conrad joins Daniel Bauer to talk about her inspiration for launching the Conrad Challenge, the “no-box” thinking approach that unlocks students’ creativity, and the six global challenges students are addressing.

Christopher Lochhead: Be Legendary by Being Different

Daniel Bauer chats with leadership expert Christopher Lochhead to discuss the power of authentic conversations (and how to have more of them), how schools can think of themselves differently in order to stand out, and how to identify the problem we are really solving in schools.

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3 Traits of Educators Who Unleash Students’ Creativity

Discover how the Conrad Challenge’s “no-box thinking” design is helping foster students’ entrepreneurial and creative skill sets and learn about three alumni whose innovations continue to make a difference.

5 EdTech Tips for Teachers  

Gain a handful of strategies for success with education technology. Learn what it means to modify your perspective, take risks, and reverse roles in the classroom.

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EdChat Interactive

I Dare You to Double Academic Achievement

Implementing new technology doesn’t lead to gains in student achievement unless the right instructional approaches are present. Register for this free November 29 webinar presented by education futurist Sonny Magana to learn about his renowned T3 Framework for Innovation in Education.

2018 Live PD Session Archives

Missed one or more of the live professional development sessions? Check out the 2018 archive for session downloads and presentation slides, including a recent webinar about the Conrad Design Method, presented by Claude Charron.

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EduTech Guys

S4E24 - David Siminoff - Shmoop

Shmoop was recently listed as one of the top 40 edtech tools used by students in the classroom. Tune in to hear as David Siminoff, founder and Chief Creative Officer, has a humorous conversation with the EduTech Guys. Learn how Shmoop’s online tools allow for students’ interest and curiosity to drive their learning.

S4E16 - Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten

Ziegenfuss and Fuini-Hetten are, respectively, the superintendent and assistant superintendent of Pennsylvania’s Salisbury Township Schools, and are co-hosts of TL Talk Radio and the shift Your Paradigm podcasts. Tune in to hear their perspective on preparing students to be successful in the 21st century.  

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EdTechReview India

No-Box Thinking: Looking Beyond Conventional and Unconventional Solutions

Learn more about how the Conrad Design Method’s “no-box thinking” is designed to surface students’ innovative projects and ideas that are not yet influenced by institutional bounds or systematic regulations.

5 Things Schools Need to Alter to Fulfill 21st Century Learning Goals

Check out five ways that school environments--from the classroom setting, libraries, computer labs, and more--can adapt to empower emerging and promising approaches to teaching and learning.


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Putting the “U” in Education Technology

Discover the inspiration that drove the EduTech Guys to begin their podcast series and what they’ve learned along the way. Also check out a sneak peek into their FETC 2019 sessions.

Rapidly Changing the Education Mindset

Technology is changing the ways that students engage with learning materials, but there is a  question around whether the education sector has caught up. Check out what one educator says is the best way to change the system.  

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STEM Magazine

STEM for Women - October 2018

The October issue features an interview with Maya Ajmera, President & CEO of the Society for Science & the Public, as well as articles written by Pratt & Whitney’s Mary Anne Cannon, neurologist/educator Dr. Judy Willis, and more.

STEM Magazine - September 2018

The September issue looked at diversity in chemistry, takes on the “multi-tasking myth,” featured an article written by our own Nancy Conrad, and more.

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Transformative Principal

Serving Students’ Individual Needs with Michelle Snyder

Learn more about how an independent learning school, which offers students flexible schedules, is leveraging blended learning for both science and English labs, along with the benefits this type of learning environment provides students.

What’s Next Instead of I’m Done with Joe Erpelding

Redesigning the traditional learning space to better engage students is an emerging trend within education. Tune into the virtual tour of a K-12 campus that models its space after the “design thinking process.”

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Learning How To Navigate Your Way Through The School Year as a Tech Coach

As technology gains traction in education, tech coach has emerged as an essential role to ensure school leaders are leveraging digital tools effectively. Tune into this podcast episode to gain insights into fostering healthy relationships with teachers and to learn more about how to offer the most impactful professional development opportunities.

What Do You Do When Your Teachers … Don’t Get It?

Professional development is crucial to ensure teachers are up-to-date with the most promising teaching and learning strategies, especially when it comes to leveraging edtech. In this podcast episode, learn about several strategies for working with teachers of all grade levels, subject matter interests, and skill levels.

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