The Conrad Challenge is proud to introduce the student teams who will participate in the 2019 Innovation Summit and compete for the competition’s top honor, being named a Pete Conrad Scholar.

Aerospace & Aviation




The Circ-suit is a resistance suit for astronauts that decreases the amount of time they’ll need to exercise in preparation for space travel.

ConvergenSeat Group Picture..jpg


Colorado, USA

ConvergenSeat is a seat that allows astronauts and pilots to communicate more efficiently with their aircraft to decrease the cost of getting to space.


EnerX Systems


ENTHUSE (Engine Thrust Surge System) is a system that decreases the impact of weather on air traffic movement.



North Carolina, USA

The M.A.R.C.S. (Motion-Adaptive Radiation Control Suit) is a suit that comfortably protects astronauts from cosmic radiation.

The Alpacorn Team Photo.PNG

The Alpacorn


PlastPell is a cost-efficient alternative to synthetic jet propellant that recycles plastic waste.


Cyber-Technology & Security

ATJ Fire Prevention_Photo.jpg

ATJ Fire Prevention

California, USA

FlameVent is a kitchen fire safety system that detects dangerous temperatures and automatically emits a fire extinguishing spray.


Autovision Technologies

Virginia, USA

BACvision is a stand-alone apparatus that can be implemented within individual motor vehicles to accurately detect BAC and quantify the presence of other intoxicants to decrease deaths due to DUI.

Katang Labs_Photo.JPG

Katang Labs


SkyAI is an intelligent drone-based security system that allows events of any size to be secured safely and efficiently through flexibility of use and automatic interventions.


M.I. Survive


Augmented Waters is an app that provides the public with accurate data warnings of underwater hazards to reduce the incidence of drowning and injury due to inland waterways.


Protective Eyez

Illinois, USA

Protective Eyez is a safety device that prevents sexual assault by sounding an alarm and alerting authorities.

Team Falcon Photo_Australia Winner.JPG

Falcon StartUps

Winners of the 2019 Australian Conrad Challenge

The Pad Pay is an EFTPOS machine that incorporates the biometric security device of a fingerprint scanner to safeguard customer data.

Team Innovation_Nigerian Winner.jpg

Team Innovation

Winners of the 2019 Nigerian Conrad Challenge

The Piracy Tracker is a responsive web and mobile app designed to help curb digital piracy in Nigeria and Africa through the use of a proprietary algorithm to validate originality of content.


Energy & Environment

PineSightAI_Team Photo.PNG


Colorado, USA

Pine Sight is a machine-learning powered smartphone app for park rangers to improve ground-based surveillance of Mountain Bark Beetle infestations.



New Hampshire, USA

S.A.F.E. (Sound: The Alternative Fire Extinguisher) is a device that utilizes low-frequency sound waves to extinguish wildfires.


Team Carbotrope

New York, USA

Ipsum XII is a solar-powered electric car that is lightweight, durable, aerodynamic, and energy-efficient.


Tech 5

Virginia, USA

FertiLess is a tractor attachment that detects and regulates fertilizer during distribution to prevent excess fertilizer from being used.

Team photo.jpg



FastDrop is a trash bin that automatically separates trash to improve recycling.


Health & Nutrition


Apollo Neurotech

New Jersey, USA

TremorWear is a device‑independent tremor‑suppression library designed to add smart‑suppression features to wearable tremor orthosis.

CSL Technologies_GroupPhoto.jpg

CSL Technologies

North Carolina, USA

The CATTURE catheter is designed to prevent catheter-associated infections by preventing microorganisms from attaching to the surface of catheters through specially-designed micro wrinkles.

FabGeeks_Team Photo.PNG


South Korea

DropScope is an economical 3D printed microscope that requires just a single droplet of water to replicate the full function of a power microscope, which gives more students in developing countries access to basic science education.


Firebird MEI


eSecure is a compact epinephrine auto-injector encapsulated in a thermally insulated smartphone case.

HEAL_Team Photo WEB.jpg

HEAL Dyslexia

Helping Educate and Accelerate Learning for Dyslexic Students

Ohio, USA

MyDyslexiaAID is an application that helps dyslexic students recognize characters and words through multisensory/audiovisual feedback.


Smoke-Free World: India

Aarogya Solutions_Team Photo.PNG

Arogya Solutions


NEMACI is a low cost system that equips government clinics and dispensaries to provide lower-grade bidis to smokers based on their current addiction levels while simultaneously introducing smokers/farmers to alternative products.


Alternate Industry India

Colorado, USA

Bidi to Industry is a kit that contains the materials and knowledge needed for women to develop their own company.



Colorado, USA

Spicearettes are safer, natural, and more affordable cigarette-like bidi alternatives that are composed of abundant Indian spices known to combat nicotine addiction.


Smoke-Free World: Malawi


LRK Labs

California, USA

Esprí is a cosmetic (makeup) that utilizes an innovative formula based on tobacco peptides to create a flawless, buildable full-coverage foundation for various skin tones.


Malawi Hurt 2 Health

Colorado, USA

Malawi Hurt 2 Health designed organic bandages made from tobacco products.




Osiris is a sustainable and affordable windrower which, in tandem with the use of rapeseeds, aims to repurpose the land that was previously used for tobacco plantations.

Team Photo Tobacco-cide.jpg


North Carolina, USA

Tobacco-cide is a natural pesticide generated from the tobacco plant that effectively targets certain harmful pests without wounding helpful insects.

Smoke-Free World: United States

CALTAB Solutions Team Photo.jpg

CALTAB Solutions

Colorado, USA

The CALTAB pod and juice uses vaporized super leaves as a less addictive and healthy substitute to Juuls and e-cigarettes.

Photo for Web_RET INNOVATE.jpg



The RET-Vape Selling Application helps the government better monitor and regulate the purchase of e-cigarettes by producing individualized data.



Nevada, USA

VapeMate is a mobile application that can track, quantify, substantiate, and prevent vaping through an attachment that fits right onto an e-cigarette and a mobile application that records, processes, and displays data on e-cigarette use for the user.

Transforming Education Through Technology



Virginia, USA

BEHAVLearn is a virtual reality simulator that provides the perfect learning environment for each and every student through tracking brain waves with non-invasive electroencephalograms (EEGs).

Team Inoventive_Photo.jpg



Info Mission is a customizable, multifunctional, adaptable A.I. device that analyzes the disability of its student users and develops along with them.

Princess Programming

Florida, USA

Princess Programming is a video game designed to help young girls learn programming.


Simulated Education

North Carolina, USA

EARL (Engaging and Augmented Reality Learning) Classrooms is a platform that houses Virtual and Augmented (Mixed) Reality simulations to enhance the learning experience.


Texas, USA

VoxLion is an application that allows students to better prepare for and deliver presentations by providing real-time, comprehensive feedback.



**Unable to attend Summit


eCognito is a cohesive online digital learning platform that enhances student learning engagement with emphasis on the "how" and "why" of the content.

SmartDesk_Team Photo.PNG

SmartDesk Co

**Unable to attend Summit

New Jersey, USA

SmartDesk is an appliance that implements SmartBoard technology in students' desks to enable personalized education.


Good luck to all of these amazing teams! See you April 23 in Florida!