bring a new way of learning to your students!

The Conrad Challenge is a dynamic way for educators, parents and other mentors to play a role in empowering youth to integrate STEM education and innovation to make a lasting difference in the world. As coaches in the competition, you help guide your team to becoming the best they can be.


  • Enhance your students’ grasp of the 4 C’s – collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication – the critical 21st century skills needed to excel in the workforce

  • Present STEM principles in a new way via problem-based learning and incorporate a student-driven, project-based platform into existing curriculum

  • Gain access to professional development courses and activities through the Conrad Foundation, including webinars and in-person training that potentially counts for required PD hours within school districts and state requirements

  • Instill confidence in your students, helping them use their ingenuity to address challenging social, scientific and societal issues with real-world impact.

  • Directly interact with subject matter experts to deepen student grasp and insight of STEM principles

  • Foster social-emotional learning and whole child education by helping students engage in well-rounded learning opportunities as they learn to work with peers toward a common goal

  • Incorporate even more fun into your classroom and student interactions!


  • Support the creation of a student team and register the team for the competition

  • Serve as the supervisor for the team, which includes reviewing Challenge submissions and managing the team travel arrangements if selected as a Summit Finalist.

  • Facilitate and encourage your students to utilize the No Box Toolbox and other provided resources

  • Complete the official forms required for the competition if selected as a finalist or beyond

Time Commitment

Time commitments are flexible, according to your schedule and the complexity of your team’s project. We recommend the following guidelines when planning your schedule:

  • Initial Registration and Investor Pitch: minimum 1 hour/week to guide your team through the registration process and the Investor Pitch

  • Business Plan: 2-4 hours/week to support the team in research and development and submission of its Business Plan and all other accompanying requirements.

  • Finalists: minimum of 1 hour/week to support the team’s preparations for the Conrad Innovation Summit presentations (finalize Power Pitch presentation, prepare for technical questions). Serve as team chaperone at Innovation Summit held in April which is a three to four day commitment.